Mantra Statement


X7 Vending – Mantra No. 1 - Re. Customer Service

“Customers pay our wages and so they are the BOSS”

Amazing Service

When you become one of our customers, be prepared to receive AMAZING LEVELS OF SERVICE. Once we have you on board, we want to keep you, provided that you pay your bills and aren’t too awkward. We will amaze you with our willingness to help you in every way we can.

X7 Vending – Mantra No. 2 - Re. Our Charges

“If we charge too much, our Customers will go elsewhere”

Very Keen Prices

We don’t drive expensive sports cars or have huge, swish offices to support (maybe one day). We are running a modest but highly efficient business with teeny weenie overheads so we can afford to be VERY COMPETITIVE. Provided that you pay us on time every month then we promise to keep our prices low.

X7 Vending – Mantra No. 3 - Re. High Quality Machines and Ingredients

“Only reliable machines of the highest quality please”

High Quality Machines and Ingredients

We expect our Customers to be discerning and insist on only the best. So, we will only deliver new, or the highest quality vending machines, and only ever supply you with the finest products to use in them.

X7 Vending – Mantra No. 4 - Re. Deliveries to highly valued Customers

“Never ever let Customers down, they may get upset and find a another supplier” 

Deliveries When You Want Them

We will contact you weekly, fortnightly or monthly to see if you need a delivery, we will also ask you how your mum, cat, goldfish, – or whatever key word we have on your record card – is. If you need a delivery we will feed “Trigger” and load up the cart, Trigger is not the horse he once was, so your order may take up to two working days, having said that, in very special circumstances i.e., your goldfish isn’t feeling very well or your eyelashes aren’t curly enough, we will deliver in one working day.

X7 Vending – Mantra No. 5 - Re. Fair Trade drinks.

“Be a nice person, it will make you feel better”

Fairtrade Drinks

This is an easy one, if someone is going to do a job for you then you should pay them fairly, Fairtrade drinks help the people who do all the hard work and are not in a strong position when it comes to standing up for themselves, to try to earn a decent living. It may mean that we have to sometimes have a change of brand, or end up paying another penny or so for our drink but we think that’s fair enough.

X7 Vending – Mantra No. 6 - Re. Being a good Environmentalist

“Aim to leave things at least as good as you find them”

The Environment

We all know about Global Warming and the importance of doing our bit to ensure that there will still be an hospitable planet for our grandchildren to play on, so we have decided to do as much as we can to recycle, reuse and generally be as good as gold wherever possible.

We will, for a very small charge, collect your used plastic cups and cardboard boxes for recycling. This will be done at the same time that we deliver your new order, ‘cos it saves us time and money as well as CO2 emissions.

Other environmentally friendly things we do are:

  Promise not to drive gas guzzling, Aston Martins or Ferraris

  Capture “Trigger’s” wind and bury it under the sea

  Use both sides of the note paper when we take orders from our Customers

  Reward our Customers for paying us promptly, (It saves paper by not having to send those nasty “Overdue Account” letters out)

  Never ever deliver your order by Aeroplane or Helicopter.